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"Deep Cuts"

A big shot CEO asked me "How do you come up with creative ideas?" This prompted me to start my blog. Maybe, just maybe, I'll try to save some colors from the palettes I make - before they get thrown in the trash.

An essential part of consulting work is being able to bring more creative solutions to the table. Solutions are raw ideas running through our heads: a product of multidisciplinary knowledge (endless curiosity) and field experience (challenges and failures).

All of that is mixed into a palette of colors, in which each shade represents an idea. The more color in the palette, the more ideas you'll have in your favor.

The question is, what does a consultant do with the color palette once he has extracted the exact solution he needs? The palette still has dozens of ideas in spectacular colors left in it. As an example, I usually throw used pallets in the trash. I'm one of those people who likes new beginnings with a clean palette and a white canvas board.

In my blog, you will find ideas and colors that I didn't use. It is my hope that they will ignite your creativity and enrich your conceptual space.

My promise to you is that I will not take ownership or responsibility for what I bring to your attention.

You might wonder why I chose examples from the world of art rather than business and management: To me, consulting is first and foremost an art, then a "work" or a "process".

Let's get drawing.



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