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"All of us grew up with certain frames. 

Through them, we perceive, hear, and feel the world.

Don't limit yourself. 

We can introduce you to so much more."


Identity & Branding

With FrameWorks, Scherf's cutting-edge branding and identity service, we transform behavior patterns and attitudes through innovative applications of neuroscience and psychology.


Ideas are the currency of the 21st century - our framing and branding techniques can turn your ideas into engagement that enhances your brand's competitive advantage.

Our Expertise

Our Talents

Motti Scherf

Motti Scherf
One of Israel’s leading experts on public opinion, communication, strategy and crisis management. He regularly advises boards of directors, managements, entrepreneurs and controlling shareholders - both locally and globally. In 2001, he founded Scherf Communications, one of Israel’s largest and most influential public relations agencies.

Ravid Fisher Taiber
A brand strategy expert helping companies to find their true identity and supporting them through the implementation processes.
With 20 years of professional experience in building brand & advertising strategies for leading companies.

Ravid Fisher Taiber

Yahav Sherf
A visual communication designer, shaping visual language and communication products with impact. As a graphic designer, Yahav conceives and creates visual concepts to best convey clients' messages to their intended audiences and express their value.

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